Uniply HMR


If factors such as rain and high humidity are causing havoc on your wood then Uniply's high moisture resistant plywood would be a sensible choice. It is made of specially selected hardwood from the densest tropical forests creating exotic hardwood veneers. It has higher density compared with other plywood thereby reducing water absorption immensely. We make sure it helps prevent headaches that arise from warping, swelling and delamination.


Properties Specified as per IS 303 : 1989
Adhesive For Bonding extra strong MUF Resin
Preservative Treatment protection to every layer with glue
Glue Shear Strength HMR Lab Test
Dry State 1000 N 800 N
Mycological 800 N 650 N
Wet State 800 N 650 N
Water Resistance Test  
Stands soaking at 80°C for 8 hours and oven dry at 65°C for 8 hours. (More than 3 cycles) 
Conforms to IS 303 : 1989 


  • High Moisture Resistant
  • Resistant to termites and powdering problems
  • Bonded with extra strong MUF resin for high moisture resistance
  • Chemically treated to withstand tough climatic conditions


  • Household furnitures
  • Panelling
  • Wardrobes and all interior decoration