Uniply Fire Retardant


This kind of plywood makes eminent sense in places likes theatres or malls where fire risk needs to be reduced. The hardwood panels have undergone vacuum-cum-pressure impregnation which creates a protective layer in case of a fire. However being fire retardant is not the only unique property, it also resists wood destroying elements like fungi, termites and borers.


Properties Specified as per BIS 710 : 1976
Adhesive For Bonding Phenol Formaldehyde Synthetic Resin
Treatment Fire retardant treatment as per BIS 5539 : 1969
Preservative treatment Ammonium Phosphate/ Ammonium Sulphate/ Boron Compounds/ Combination of all three
Glue Shear Strength Excellent
Dry State 1215 N Avg. 990 N Min. Individual Avg.
Wet State 900 N Avg. 720 N Min. Individual Avg.
Flammability >20-30 mins
Flame penetration >6-12 mins for every 6 mm thickness
Rate of burning >15-20 mins
Conforms to the agreement between buyer and seller 


  • Resistant to ignition, spread and permeability of fire
  • Treated with fire resistant chemicals at veneering stage to make it partially permeable
  • Equipped against the risk of unchecked spread of fire
  • Fungi, insect and borer resistant


  • Partition and panelling
  • Office interiors
  • Hotel Interiors
  • Residential interiors
  • Shops and commercial establishments
  • Furniture