Utmost protection, is guaranteed for every Uniply sheet, thanks to our processing system

Glueline Protection

The glueline protection contains specially formulated protective chemical which is applied to fortify the plywood, making it borer and termite-proof. In Uniply, the core and panel veneer are of uniform thickness (of 1.8 mm.)

Mechanised treatment

The plywood undergoes modern, mechanised preservative chemical treatment, including surface coating with specially formulated chemicals, to protect it from wood-destroying elements for a long period.

The power of pre-press

From the assembly line, Uniply subjects the veneers to pre-press, which ensures that protective chemicals, remain intact when applied on the sheets.

Here's how Uniply gains an edge over its competitors. Uniply’ s practices and rigid quality control system provides superior standard of products over its competitors.

The product is uniform and flat The possibilities of warping are high
Stable during cutting and useUsually changes shapes while cutting
Density throughout the plywood is uniformDensity is uneven
Chemicals applied provide protection for yearsChemicals evaporate
Veneer expands under pressure in normal temperature, eliminating core gapsVeneers do not get a chance to penetrate leading to core gaps
Specially formulated chemicals applied and impregnated under normal temperature with pre-press keeps products protected from termites and fungi for a long time. Vulnerable to attacks by termites and fungi