Ecomate MR


Ecomate MR, is a fitting choice for interior designers and architects who are keen on protecting the environment. The veneers are dried after soaking in eco-friendly inhouse formulated biodegradable organic compounds, to get maximum retention without affecting the wood. It is best suited for indoor applications, where the plywood is exposed to moderate levels of moisture.


Properties Specified as per IS 303 : 1989
Adhesive For Bonding Low emission glue as per CARB specification
Preservative treatmentGlue line protected
Glue Shear Strength 
Dry State1350 N Min. Avg. 1100 N (Min. Individual Value)
Wet State1000 N Min. Avg. 800 N (Min. Individual Value)
Specific Gravity 650 Kg /Cubic Meter
Water Resistance Test  
Stands 3 hours soaking at 60°C  
Conforms to IS : 303-1989 


  • Water resistant
  • Preservative treated and bonded with low emission adhesives
  • Made from environmentally sustainable, renewable wood