Ecomate BWR


Finally, an eco-conscious solution to using wood without harming the planet. Uniply's Ecomate BWR plywood is made from plantation timber acquired through social forestry, which implies that it will be replenished within 10 years. Apart from being eco- friendly, it is also boiling water resistant (BWR) and has been treated for termite and powdering problems.


Properties Specified as per BIS 303 : 1989
Adhesive For Bonding Phenolic glue as per CARB specification
Preservative treatmentEvery layer protected with glue line protective chemicals
Specific Gravity 650- 700 Kg / cm3
Water Resistance Test  
Stands soaking at 100°C for 8 hours and oven dry at 65°C for 16 hours (3 cycle) 
Conforms to IS 303 : 1989 


  • Boiling Water Resistant
  • Resistant to termites and borers
  • Preservative treated and bonded with phenolic glue
  • Withstands all climatic conditions
  • Made from environmentally sustainable, renewable wood